The Working Document is produced to the highest standard. Karen has made sure every need, provision and outcome has been included and accurately evidenced. We never could have produced a document, like this one, ourselves.

In all honesty, I don’t think anything could have been improved on the document. It perfectly describes our grandson’s complexity and subsequent needs.

Grandparent from Northamptonshire


"Many many thanks for your support, you really saved our EHCP procedure, which seemed to be falling apart last year. It has been a very rewarding experience for me too, as I learned a lot from your approach towards the EHCP."

Parent from London

"Karen was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, she has helped us to successfully resolve issues with our son's EHCP."

Parents from SE

"Thank you so much for your service. The draft EHCP looks fantastic and as it is such an important document to make a difference for my child’s education, I’m very helpful for your input. We could not complete this without your professional help".

Parent from SE

Rated the Parental Request for Assessment and service provided as very good. Would use K.S Associates again.

Thank you so much!

Parent from Buckinghamshire