Fees (excluding VAT):


EHC Plans and other SEND documents

The fee charged with be based on the complexity of the work to be carried out and the time taken.


New EHC Plan - £120 - £250

Amended EHC Plan £100 - £250

Minor amendments to an EHC Plan - £60 - £100

Checking and Quality Assuring EHC Plan - £65 

Transferring an EHC Plan from one template/format to another - £60

Parental Request for EHC Needs Assessment - £70 - £150.

Working document in preparation for Tribunal - £170 - £300 

'Reasons for Appeal' document for Tribunal - £120 - £250.


Any urgent work deadlines can be discussed and where accommodated will be carried out at no extra cost.


We are also willing to offer a discount on the fees where a client has a large number of documents to be written.


Please note that K.S Associates currently does not reach the VAT threshold and therefore does not charge VAT.


For parent clients, the fee includes drafting the EHC Plan which Karen will then e-mail to them for their consideration and they can then make one request for changes/additions to be made to the EHC Plan/document. Further requests for changes/additions may incur an extra cost. There are no hidden charges and the fee will be discussed/agreed with parents before we start any work.  Please contact to discuss any queries you may have. Any advice given is free of charge!

Karen tries to ensure that all fees for documents are at a competitive and affordable rate.


Fees for EHC Plan writing training packages will be given after the contents/type of the training package have been discussed with the client.


We charge per document as follows:


Concentrated Girl

Additional Information:


Writing a new EHC Plan will include taking into consideration all the advice provided as part of the EHC Needs Assessment. This should include advice from the school, medical/health services, Educational Psychology and Social Care. Depending on the needs of the child/young person there may be advice from the Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Services, as well as CAMHS and specialst teachers etc.


Amended EHC Plans - will include adding in information from reports/advice and/or Annual Review to update the needs & provision of the child/young person..


Minor EHC Plan amendments - will include small changes from a report/advice and from the Annual Review paperwork.


Please remember that the EHC Plan can only be as good as the reports we receive. We therefore ask all clients to provide us with up to date and appropriate advice, as well as the Local Authority's EHC Plan template for us to use. We ask Local Authorities to provide us with information on how they want the EHC Plan to be presented.