We offer a range of different writing services as described below:


Do you have staff on leave or perhaps off sick? We can write a small or a large amount of EHC Plans for Local Authorities, helping you to keep on top of timescales!

We also offer a package of support to parents including advice on the process involved; writing the Parental Request for EHC Needs Assessment; and writing/amending their child's EHC Plan.

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Education Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan) Writing


From advice provided through the EHC needs assessment process or annual review, we write a high quality document which clearly describes the needs of the child/young person, as well as identifying the person centred outcomes and provision. We specialise particularly in writing EHC Plans for children and young people with significant and complex needs.


We have taken on work from various Education Authorities, transferring Statements to EHC Plans, writing EHC Plans from EHC Needs Assessments as well as checking/quality assuring their EHC Plans before being issued. We have also completed EHC Plans for parents of children and young people with special educational needs.

 Karen Soul also offers training sessions to clients on writing EHC Plans - please email to discuss the training package required.

Services for Parents/Guardians 
As a reflection of the SEND crisis, increasing numbers of parents/guardians are looking for help and advice from an independent service. Over the last year Karen Soul's focus has been developing this side of her business in order to offer an affordable and flexible service to help parents/guardians get the much needed support for their child. This work is currently carried out by Karen Soul herself.
Services include:
Writing/amending EHCPs;
Completing Working Documents for Tribunal;
Writing Parental Requests for Assessment.
Most importantly, advice and support:
For all of the above services I offer sensible and impartial advice. If I’m not sure of the answer to any query I will signpost my clients to an organisation or someone who can. I don’t charge for giving advice, it’s all part of my service!
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