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We don’t have to look very far to see that SEND is in crisis. We've all read many articles highlighting the failure of children/young people with SEND and the significant increase in the amount of appeals which have been registered with SENDIST.

Local Authorities are more than strapped for cash and schools have run into difficulties financially. A lot of mainstream schools are no longer able to provide the support that children with SEND require and many parents are fighting to get the badly needed support their child needs. As a consequence there has been a significant increase in parents wanting special school for their child and get the right provision included in the EHCP.

There has also been a significant increase in requests for EHC Needs Assessment; many of these have been refused by LAs which is another reason for parents appealing. When an EHC Needs Assessment is agreed it can be a very long time before the child is issued with an EHCP as many LAs are unable to meet the 20 week deadline in an underfunded and unworkable system.

K.S Associates has completed a lot of work for Local Authorities and we also help parents with a range of services. Whilst budgets are tight I try to keep my fees as competitive as possible.

I have almost 20 years experience of SEN administration and management, including 13 years writing statements of SEN/EHCPs. I also have experience as a qualified nurse and as a Learning Support Assistant/Teaching Assistant in Secondary School, mainly supporting pupils with profound/severe hearing difficulties, learning difficulties and ASD. I have a good knowledge of a range of medical difficulties and the impact this has on the child/young person. Also my experience of working in school has given me a valuable insight into the struggles children with SEN have both educationally and socially.

I left the employment of a Local Authority to set up my own business, K.S Associates - EHCP Writing and SEN Service. I hand pick very experienced EHCP Writers and qualified teachers to work alongside me. I am conscientious and expect a high standard from myself and my colleagues, and everything is quality assured/checked before being sent to the client. I specialise in complex cases and offer the service of writing Working Documents for appeal, new and amended EHCPs and parental requests for assessment. I also offer EHCP training sessions, which again is an area I have experience in!

I am passionate about working for SEN and very interested in it's development and current issues. I can offer a very good quality of service with competitive rates to Local Authorities and to parents. I would like to get some discussions going on SEND and other related issues, so it would be great to get some followers for this blog!

If you are considering getting some help or just want some advice, please check out my website www.ehcpwritingservice.co.uk. You can message me via the website or email me at: soulkarens@aol.com

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