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Services for Parents/Guardians

As a reflection of the SEND crisis, increasing numbers of parents/guardians are looking for help and advice from an independent service. Over the last year my focus has been developing this side of my business in order to offer an affordable and flexible service to help parents/guardians get the much needed support for their child.

The services I offer are:

Writing or amending an EHCP – if you’re not satisfied with the draft EHCP written by your Local Authority I can write a comprehensive and good quality EHCP which takes account of all the statutory advice provided, and adheres to SEN law and the 2014 Code of Practice. Most importantly I work in partnership with my parent clients and take into account their views, and include details/recommendations from independent/private professionals such as Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists etc.

Working Document – If parents are appealing to SENDIST concerning their child’s EHCP, I offer the service of writing a Working Document, correctly following the Tribunal's guidelines in setting the document out, and ensuring that all evidence you, as parents, want included is clearly outlined. I ensure that enough time is factored in for parents/guardians to consider the draft Working Document and ask me for any changes/additions before the Tribunal deadline for submission.

Parental Request for EHC Needs Assessment – Increasing numbers of parents/guardians want to make requests for an EHC Needs Assessment to their Local Authority. I will write the request for you and also give advice on what evidence you need to include in your request when sending it to the Local Authority. Most importantly I will take into account your views and work with you to ensure that the request for assessment is a true reflection of your child's needs.

Advice and support – Most importantly, with all of the above services I offer sensible and impartial advice. If I’m not sure of the answer to any query my clients have I will signpost them to an organisation or someone who can. I don’t charge for giving advice, it’s all part of my service!

And finally – Every document I write always meets a very high standard. I’m extremely conscientious in ensuring every word is spelt correctly; each sentence is grammatically correct as well as using appropriate punctuation. I like to ensure that the document is well presented, clear and easy to follow for the reader.


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